We offer counseling services for adolescents and adults. We provide individual, family, couples, and group counseling in a warm, supportive and healing environment. Evening and weekend appointments are available and most insurance plans are accepted.


At CALM, we offer a team of qualified professionals with years of experience treating alcohol, drugs, gambling, and sex addiction. We provide assessments, referrals and individual psychotherapy. We have knowledgeable counselors with an understanding of anti-addiction medications such as Suboxone. Take the first steps towards recovery. Contact us for an initial assessment today.


Problematic anger is defined as anger which is more frequent, longer duration, or of greater intensity than expected. Problematic anger causes difficulties in relationships, employment or with the legal system.

To determine if you have problematic anger, take our quiz.

1. Has anyone ever told you that you have an anger problem?
2. Have you ever lost a job or been counseled at work due to your anger?
3. Have you experienced legal problems as a result of your anger?
4. Have you ever said or done something when angry that you later regretted?
5. Do you find yourself easily irritated by others especially when driving or waiting in line?
6. Have you ever yelled, screamed, thrown something, hit something or engaged in any physical violence when angry?
7. Would you like to improve your relationships, communication skills, and problem solving skills?

If you answered yes to any of these, then CALM can help.

We offer individual and group therapy to teach clients new coping skills to manage anger more effectively. In addition, we help clients identify the root causes of the anger and resolve those issues. The result is that clients get angry less frequently, not as intensely, and can improve their relationships. The 12 week program is also available online.


Treating anxiety is a two-step process. The first step is to identify the anxiety symptoms and learn new ways to manage them. This is done by learning relaxation techniques and by identifying and changing the faulty thought patterns that contribute to the anxious feelings. The second step is to implement the relaxation and thought-stopping techniques. The use of visualization is also added for clients dealing with specific phobias.


Symptoms of depression include feelings of sadness, hopelessness, helplessness, and worthlessness; loss of interest in activities, changes to appetite or sleep patterns, increased irritability, increased distractedness, and loss of concentration. People experiencing depression experience some (or even all) of these symptoms to varying degrees. Psychotherapy has been proven to be crucial in the recovery from depression.


Unhealthy relationships with food such as anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive eating cause physical, psychological and interpersonal problems. We believe in a multifaceted treatment approach including medical evaluation, psychotherapy and nutritional counseling.


When there is conflict within the family all members are affected. Whether the conflicts are changes in family dynamics, blended families, addiction or any other issue; therapy in a safe, healing environment can help families resolve conflict and create a harmonious unit.


Whether due to changes, death or other circumstances, grief can sometimes feel overwhelming. Our caring professionals are specially trained to assist clients to work through the grieving process.


People do not usually have a lot of conflicts in their relationships; they tend to have the same conflicts repeatedly. Through couples counseling, issues which contribute to conflicts are addressed and resolved. Couples are educated about more effective communication styles, problem solving skills, and active listening skills. This results in healthier relationships and increased life satisfaction.


Chronic Stress contributes to every major illness and contributes to addiction, eating disorders, anger and other emotional disturbances. By learning and implementing better coping skills, clients improve their health, well being, and relationships.